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HVAC Systems

Our goal is to provide cost efficient, comfortable heating and cooling for our customers. We offer full service on all makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment.  We are authorized dealers for Carrier, Lennox, and Goodman equipment, and can process most warranties for all other brands.  We offer preventative maintenance agreements to help your equipment operate most efficiently and to minimize equipment failures due to a lack of proper maintenance.  Our technicians are on call 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist in any immediate service needs. 

Our installation department provides quality, well designed ductwork and equipment installations.  Our team of professional mechanics installs HVAC systems to Energy Star standards.  We offer Home Energy Audits which provides a comprehensive report of your annual home energy usage.  This report defines home energy losses and provides suggested improvements to reduce home energy costs. We also offer equipment for improved Indoor Air Quality, including UV lights, High efficiency air filtration, whole house dehumidifiers, or whole house humidifiers, and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV's).

HVAC services we provide:

  • - Installation of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment and ductwork.
  • - Installation of Indoor Air Quality equipment.
  • - Area/Room zoning and air flow balancing.
  • - Service and Repair of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.
  • - Service agreements for heating and air conditioning (semi-annual maintenance).
  • - Energy Star Homes certification & Home Energy Audits.
  • - Whole house and duct air leakage testing.
  • - After hours and weekend on-call technicians.


HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Are technicians certified?
Most or our technicians are North American Technical Excellence (NATE) certified or working toward their certification.
What warranties are offered for repair services?
We offer a 6 months parts and labor warranty on all repairs, or longer parts warranties dependent on manufactures warranties.
What area does Mansfield Brothers service?
We service customers from the South Carolina border to the Cape Fear River, from the beaches to Hwy 74/76.
What savings might I see from a duct or home air leakage test?
The average home can lose up to 20% of heating and cooling capacity due to duct and home air leakage. This figure can account for 20% of annual heating and cooling cost. If your average heating/cooling cost is $125.00 per month x 12 months or $1500.00 annually to provide comfort in your home and you could lose 20% of this cost or $300.00 per year due to air leakage. Over 10 years you will have wasted 2 years worth of operating cost. These figures will vary greatly depending on your actual amount of air leakage and operating cost.
What temperature should I leave my thermostat on if I am going to be away for an extended time?
We suggest leaving the thermostat set no higher than 80 degrees for cooling to avoid humidity problems, or as low as 50 degrees for heating which will avoid freezing pipes. Hard wood floors may require a lower cooling set point, or a higher heating set point to avoid excessive wood shrinkage or expansion.
Is it ok to shut off my upstairs air conditioning during the summer while I am gone or not using the upstairs space?
We suggest leaving the thermostat no higher than 80 degrees for cooling to avoid humidity problems, and to avoid causing the downstairs system to work harder due to an increased heat load.
Why do I see smoke or steam coming out of my outdoor heat pump unit?
During the heating mode the outdoor coil becomes very cold causing moisture in the air to freeze on the coil. The unit will automatically sense this condition and reverse it's cycle temporarily to warm up the outdoor coil to melt the ice or frost off. During this process the outdoor fan will shut off and near the end of the defrosting cycle the moisture may briefly turn to steam. The unit will stay in this mode until the coil is warmed sufficiently or until the timer records a maximum time to 10 minutes.
Why does the auxillary light on my thermostat come on occasionally?
During the heating mode the outdoor unit will occasionally have to go into a defrost mode to remove frost or ice from the outdoor coil. During the defrost mode the heat strips will come on to warm the cool air going to the supply vents during that time frame. When the heat strips are energized the auxillary light will come on.
What is that strange groaning noise occasionally coming from my outdoor heat pump unit when it is in the heating mode?
In heating the unit will have to remove the frost or ice from the outside coil occasionally. When the unit shifts from the heating mode to the cooling mode to warm up the outside coil, the refrigerant process reverses, causing a groaning or clattering noise.
Why does my blower in my indoor unit run continuously?
Check your thermostat, the fan setting on your thermostat may be set to "on" for continuous operation instead of "auto", where the fan will only come on when the thermostat calls for cooling or heating. If this is not the case you should call your Service Provider.
Why is the air coming out of the vents from my heat pump system cooler than the air from my gas furnace system?
The air temperature coming from the heat pump system is dependent on the outdoor air temperature, with colder outdoor temperatures cause cooler indoor air temperatures. Normal heat pump air temperature will range from about 85 degrees to 95 degrees. Gas furnace air temperatures will be approximately 115 degrees to 130 degrees.
How often should I change the filters in my return air supply?
Filters should be changed or inspected monthly. The household conditions, or filter type will vary the replacement frequency. Some high efficiency filters are 4 or 5 inches deep allowing them to stay in place up to a year. Homes with a lot of activity, pets, or in an area with dusty conditions outside may require monthly or even more frequent replacement.
Do I need Freon in my heating and air conditioning system for both heating and cooling?
If you have a heat pump system you need refrigerant (Freon) in your system for both heating and cooling. The equipment reverses the flow of refrigerant for the two modes of operation. If you have a gas furnace, or straight electric heat then you only use refrigerant for cooling.
Is it ok to keep resetting the circuit breaker for my heating and air conditioning equipment if it keeps tripping?
No, if the breaker trips more than once the equipment should be shut down and your Service Provider called to determine why the breaker is tripping. Continuing to reset the breaker can create more damage to the equipment and instead of a small repair you may end up with a major repair or equipment replacement.

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