LP Gas Installation

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LP Gas Installation

Our objective is to provide professional service for our propane customers.  We offer service on most makes and models of propane equipment.  Our technicians are on call 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist in any immediate service needs.

Our installation department specializes in well designed piping and quality equipment installations.  Our team of professional mechanics installs tank less water heaters to Energy Star standards.  We offer home gas system inspections which provide you with a report of your annual home energy usage and provide suggested improvements to reduce consumption.  We also offer fireboxes, gas logs, grills and mosquito magnets.

LP Gas services we provide:

  • - Free Estimates.
  • - Gas Fireplace Sales & Installation.
  • - Service & Repair of LP Gas equipment.
  • - 24 Hour on call service.
  • - Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Sales & Installation.
  • - LP Gas Delivery.
  • - LP Gas piping and equipment venting (Residential & Commercial).
  • - LP Tank and Cylinder Installations, Filling & Exchange.


LP Gas Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I do if I smell propane?
Shut gas off at the tank & call your gas supplier.
What are the Pros/Cons of leasing a LP Gas Tank?
A leased tank is maintained by the supplier and is the supplier's responsibility. However, the tank can only be filled by the owning supplier.
Why should I consider installing a tankless water heater?
Using a tankless water heater saves energy that would be wasted heating and storing unused water in a hot water tank, it would save space, and eliminate odors and murky water from tank storage.
Should I turn off my fireplace pilot in the summer?
Yes, the pilot can use several gallons of gas throughout the summer, and add additional heat to the house during the air conditioning season.
Is it normal for my gas logs to smell when in operation?
Yes, dust particles, dander, and the logs themselves are the cause for this.
What is the minimum amount of Gas that can be delivered to my house?

We're an Authorized Dealer of these quality brands:

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